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Originally Posted by Lumbergh View Post
Started the spring prep.

Sanded and teak oiled the platform.

Finished up Depth Finder install. Thanks Cloaked for the tip about removing the forward center panel. While this a a bit of a PITA, involving removing drivers seat assembly (and modding seat bottom to reach the two rear center #12 x 2" SS screws), it was the right way to do the job. Nobody panic, the wiring was properly secured to the muffler post picture...

Which led to the relocation of the hour meter to the engine compartment. Bonus points for proper purple wire from ignition to hour meter (thanks NAPA).

Installed new exhaust manifold bolts on left manifold (did right side last year for a different reason). They were original and corroded a bit. I like shiny things too.

New shifter knob, shiny things are good.

Nice job lumberg... you posgted pics.. -
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