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Hey Tateau18, sorry I'm late to checking out your thread, but awesome, all the best on the refurb. Someone else commented on the helpfulness of this site and the unselfish responses from everyone, and I'll second that. I have a 96 Prostar 190 and have been doing refurb on it ongoing for a while (working on stuff even now), and it might be of help to you too. Definitely keep posting those pictures and keep the thread going, because it'll definitely help someone else and it's rewarding to get your stuff posted (reminds you of all your hard work).
Here's my thread, if anything helps you, great. I did use Copycats myself, and although the end result was ok, it was a fairly painful experience. If you read through all the posts here, I have never heard one bad thing on Viper, but you'll get 50/50 on buyer beware.

Good luck with everything!

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