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Originally Posted by 2012X45 View Post
No, mine is just completely black. It seems that it is not getting any power.

I have not taken mine in for the update yet. I hate to be without this time of year.
The only thing I can imagine is a plug being loose, although I doubt that, because in that case your cruise functions should come back to the GDIG, and by that you then should know that either the BIG is disconnected or completely dead.

Did the BIG ever come back to life til today?

The software updates are somewhat easy, depending on what you usually do in your days.
If you have a dealer who's willing, there's no need to haul the boat back and forth. There are complete update instructions available since updating is something that's new to boat dealers also...
1. BIG is updateble via usb flashdrive - easiest
2. GDIG Update needs a Flashtool that your dealer sends you - after that, a calibration (run) of roll and pitch is mandatory
3. I'd even go so far that your dealer could send you a new BIG to switch it out yourself

All of the above don't involve highly skilled technicians, if you have commonn sense, put plugs only where they fit and read the instructions until you understand all of it, you shouldn't need to haul you boat around...

recent firmware versions
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