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Well it was a journey, I left at 8:30 Wednesday night got there Thursday am around 9:00 took a 2 hr nap around 2:00 am with some truckers. Looked over the boat and everthing checked out ok had some dock rash on one side that could not see in the pics. Left around 11:00 and got home around 9:00. So basically a 24 hr trip, I hit rain 80 miles before home and had to put the cover on otherwise I ran naked the complete way. Thanks for all the replies and help the blue tape worked good and I am glad I posted because I would forgotten the back straps. I have so many questions I am not sure where to start so I think I will wait and post more later. I only had on mishap towing I thought I could go a little farther on my tank of gas and then realized I was in no mans land in Arkansas, I started to panic as the needle was buried and I had no gas stations in site. I finally found a small town and filled up. I had 1/2 gallon left in the tank. If I ever do this again I will take a gas can with me and place in back of truck.
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