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Originally Posted by 2RLAKE View Post
Problem is working your way up .... Have to start at the bottom for hardly anything and work your way up ... It's purely seniority based. Since I fly a ton, and am on a flight right now, I would really love having the guy in the left seat to be there because of his expertise, not just seniority (yes I understand fully all the work/certification it takes to become a captain) ... Just one mans opinion
Seniority in pilots means more hours flying. Which means the most experienced. However, right seat does most of the actual flying.

In a emergent situation. I would want the guy on the left in control. 0.02.

Back on topic. There are many openings. Especially in private transport. It doesn't have to be a jet. You could fly a king air or even a CESSNA 210. The pilot of our local airports air taxi stated he makes more flying the king air than he did as a 747 pilot for AirTran.

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