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Originally Posted by Rossterman View Post
Had the cable replaced last year at dealer when I had the boat surveyed before buying. Steering wheel isn't centered when driving straight. Was thinking of dropping the rack down, moving the wheel one notch to try and correct it rather than pulling the wheel off the shaft. Anyone have any feedback if this could work? Any idea how to determine where the rudder needs to sit while on the trailer to do this off the water?

How far off is it- 30 degrees, more, less? Which way do you need to need to turn it to make it track straight- to the left, or to the right? How many turns does it move in each direction? If it goes 2 turns to one side and less to the other, it needs to be centered and this may fix the problem. If it's already centered, you'll definitely need to adjust it at the tiller arm.

If it's only a little off-center, you'll need to adjust it at the tiller arm on the rudder but you may be able to get it to center by moving the rudder one or two teeth to the side that corrects it. If you still need to put it on the trailer, put a piece of tape on the top or bottom of the wheel when it's driving straight so you'll know where to position the rudder before adjusting the tiller or rudder.
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