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Originally Posted by gotjag941 View Post
5 connections in a 7 way adapter is normal can't tell you what's wrong with your trailer lights as anyone will tell you trailer lights are evil

As for trailer brakes they aren't electronically engaged because they are what's called surge brakes they work with the weight of the boat pushing open and closed the cylinder in the tongue but the brakes are electrically dis-engaged when in reverse

Hope this helps
I know the trailer brakes are SUPPOSED to be surge brakes, but I'm trying to figure out what the prior owner modified on this trailer. I'm fairly certain the prior owner modified the 7 pin connector to remove a couple important connections, but I can't figure out why. I need to figure out whether he also modified anything else. I don't want to go barreling down the highway and discover the hard way that he replaced the surge brakes with electric brakes since I have no brake controller.

I've got a question out to the PO as well, but he's not responding yet.
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