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Originally Posted by carisch View Post
Had 2 extra five gallon tanks, and never used them.

I'm fully knowledgeable on re-sizing images, just don't know how to "attach" them here. I click the image button it my only option is to give a url. So I put them up on google plus and then grab that link.

Locks are free, and some are open almost 24 hours a day. You can call ahead to set it up that they are ready for you if you can. The first lock took over an hour, because it was down low, and needed to be raised while we sat there. 72 foot of drop, that took about 20 minutes once we were in and it was flowing. Second lock was perfect. Called ahead, drove right in, and out in 20 minutes. It was 50+ foot of drop.

Time lapse movie coming soon...
Going through a lock is a very cool experience. I used to work for a barge line (the other tow boats) and standing on the front of the tow a few feet away from the lock gates and thinking "Yep, the water is about that high" and looking up 80 feet imagining the wall of water above, really puts a different perspective on things.
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