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I have a single consol TriStar 190 that has the stainless rail on the passenger side. The weight of boom and skiier would damage the rail. I built a wooden box that was carpeted to protect the boat that went around the rail for the boom to rest on. Great plan so far. I then borrowed a straight boom from a friend for vacation. The combination of the boom needing a full diameter pylon (mine is tapered at the top) and the added height of my rail protecting box, put the boom at a steep upward angle, and too high to really use when moving. You don't have the rail that I do so you should have an easer time. You will probably still need a boom with the two bends to be able to keep it at a usable height. Good luck. I would still like to have a boom. I can take photos of the box if anyone has suggestions for what would work on mine.
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