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Originally Posted by jpowers8340 View Post
I have a 2001 X9 with only 300 hours on it but the insulation is dust. If I touch the inside of the cover it leaves a hand print in it. It is also always falling down in the bottom of the hull and I am worried it will eventually plug up the bilge pump. If any one has done an engine box similar to mine I would love any advice, tips or pictures. Especially with the easiest way to remove the old stuff so the new McMaster-CARR 1" Heavy duty foil faced adhesive backed foam will stick like it should and last. Also if any one has any other info or tips about a 2001 X9 please let me know. This is my first Mastercraft and I love it like a child so I want to take care of it. Also does anyone know if a 2006 X9 has the same rear bench seat bottom as a 2001? Mine has a small crack and I want to get a seat cover from Mastercraft and thats the last year they have them available for.
Nice looking boat. That engine insulation is something I want to do to mine as well. Btw, is your boat hooked up to a crown Vic?
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