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Originally Posted by Hogwild View Post
Hey guys,

I have an 07 Acura TL and was wondering if you might have suggestions for new tires. I haven't done all the searches on Discount tire or Tirerack yet, but wanted to see if maybe you guys were having really good success out of a particular brand/style on a fwd vehicle right now.

Right now it has Bridgestone Turanza's on it (235/45/17) but they haven't held up real well. Only about 35K miles. I'm wanting something that will give me 60K but don't know if that's possible with this car.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Turanza are a softer, sportier compound so long tread life is the trade off, you got good mileage for that tire. Food for thought, just because a tire lasts 80,000 miles does not mean it's a good tire, the trade off is usually alot of road noise and a harsher ride because the compound is so hard. I would actually recommend mastercraft tires they seem to be doing well on my customers cars, good tread life with minimum road noise at a good value for price. We've been selling them for a couple years. I'm unsure if they have a tire for your size though. Michelin or Continental would be my next choices.

@jerseydave tire wear number is not a linear match to other brands ie a michelin with 600 does not mean a bridgestone with the same number will last as long, the number is a measurement within the same brand, but having said that it's a good layman indicator.
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