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Originally Posted by Lars View Post
Bought my house about a year ago and the condition of the garage floor is driving me NUTS! I'd love to put down an epoxy over it, but it is very pitted and spalled. None of the cracks look structural, I think it's just 60 years of water freezing and thawing on top.

See pictures below.

Can I just clean it and put some leveling compound on this front half and then epoxy it? Back half was added much later btw.
For what I would expect out of your request (a good long term fix), the answer is no.

That looks to be old concrete (relatively speaking) with freeze/thaw cycles, salt/brine from your location...

John has the best answer for best results. Anything else will be like a coat of Thompson's water seal <<SPIT>> on a wooden deck... It won't last long...

A small project like that is really not difficult as a DIY if you plan properly. The key to any and all concrete placement is reinforcement and control joints. I am not talking about wire mesh either.... That is even more useless than Thompson's water seal....
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