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Originally Posted by john jones View Post
I assume its under the rear seat, not quite sure how to get the rear seat back off? Anyone ever taken one of these apart?
If you look at the fiberglass across the back, it should have a center section that's separate from the sides. Open the rear cover and remove all of the cushions, put a light in the rear storage area and use a mirror to look for stainless nuts on bolts. This section will have to be loosened, so it can be moved out of the way to gain access to the sender, which is on the top of the tank, under the center section. It's not that hard to get at- I think it has 4 bolts and three screws (along the bottom edge, at the floor.

If you remove the sender and are able to repair it, start by placing a small strip of tape on the sender's flange AND the tank, then cut the tape where it transitions from one to the other, so the sender can be removed without disturbing the other piece of tape. If you replace the sender, make sure the holes in the sender match the tank.

This is important because the holes aren't evenly spaced and if the sender is rotated, the screws won't go in straight and the gasket won't seal properly.
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