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i just ordered a new one yesterday. so today while i wait for it to be shipped i took the old one apart .just wacked shaft, it slid out , didn't mess with pulling bearings. popped the side cover off the accessible bearing. threw some greae back in it .popped the side cover back on bearing.
put the shaft on a piece of wood. put the body on the bearings put a piece of wood over the end and gave it a couple wacks and she slid home .no need for special tools .unless u are pulling the bearings from the shaft. there isn't much to these things .i wouldn't hesitate to ever rebuild one of these , theres nothing to them. no biggie. i most likely will find some bearings for this old one and keep it for a spare. no need to blow a couple hundred dollars. if ya can change a damper plate , or your old manifolds and risers . to rebuild this pump is a piece of cake.


1988 mastercraft tristar (open bow).
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