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Lightbulb Boat Buddy Modification - Retrofit

This is a step by step walk-thru of the BoatBuddy Mod that you can do with your boat on the trailer in your driveway. Unlike other BoatBuddy mod's that require glue, this one does not.

This application will eliminate or greatly minimize rubber marks left from the BoatBuddy on the nose of your boat.

1. Chock the wheels & Crank-up your boat jack as high as it will go.

2. Measure the distance from the bottom part of the stainless buckle to the ground and cut out a 2" x 4" to that distance. You can also put a "V" notch at the top of 2 x 4 so buckle will fit nicely.

3. Slowly lower the trailer jack and the 2 x 4 will hold the boat up so that you can remove boat buckle.

4. Shove a Folded Towel under the front bunk in case the 2 x 4 slips or there is an earthquake & Remove entire Boat Buddy with a 3/4" socket and 3/4" opened end wrench.

5. Copy sketch and cut out Marine Grade Carpet.

6. Separate Metal from rubber on Boat Buddy. Start With carpet template by pushing larger side of template into BoatBuddy and wrap all the way around. Put a hole so that the 1/8" x 1/8" square you see in pic can protrude thru carpet, and finish off by pushing the skinny trim piece of carpet thru with a screwdriver.

7. Insert metal into Boat Buddy and Reinstall boat Buddy on boat.

8 Tighten boat Buddy main Bolt, Remove towel, lower boat and secure...

Sorry about pics not being with captions. I didn't want a service to stop carrying photos, and so I placed them on the Teamtalk server.
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