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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
TX..rat - give mlawler the 411 on the searay.
Originally Posted by mlawler34 View Post
Haha oh geez. Not in the loop here but glad to provide the entertainment.
It's become this forum joke after i told the forum about my dad and his boat (the 81 sea ray)... He claimed it was the best ski boat ever made and it was ocean worthy (the sales guy told him so because it had a closed cooling system)... and it could pull 4 skiers, top speed of 41 and on and on and on and on... So, obviously, the 81 sea ray HAS to have a better wake that the 97 LOL

God forbid you tell my dad you've been on a prettier beach than Varadero in Cuba! OMG - imagine ricky ricardo smoking crack!!

Pic i took last week, but this can't compare to Cuba - no way! LMAO

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