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Originally Posted by SkiDog View Post
I don't know. JohnE was (is) supposed to have me ship it to him, but hasn't yet. I told him I would take it that far (to Hiawassee) and he could get it from there. I think he has it listed for sale, but not 100% on that. I'll call him and see whats up.
At one time his asking price was $14,900. 1050 hours on it. Perfect condition. Brand new tires on both sides.
2 Months ago I'd have sold it for $14,900. I really didn't want a purple boat. But now that it is May I am going to keep it and decide over the summer how much the color bugs me. The Only Inboards ad expired. I need to delete the SIA again ad. Next week. right now just taking a quick break from installing a walkway.
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