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Originally Posted by DemolitionMan View Post
I am sure you can, maybe you should contact VIO.

P.S. When you only have 2 post on a forum it's best not to bark orders and catch an attitude. Welcome to TT.
Originally Posted by rpdthree View Post
The purpose of this question is simply whether i can use the current setup (mount, housing, possibly wiring) with the new VIO-POV HD video camera.

Will future responses please refrain from suggesting alternatives, i am already aware of those.

Thank you.
Originally Posted by rpdthree View Post
My apologies if it came off as "barking"...i just wanted to be sure that the discussion stayed on topic. I own a GoPro and a Contour HD, which are both great for their specific uses, but I would like to keep using a video system that integrates with the boat's control panel (thus it records, powers, etc. from the control buttons).

I appreciate the advice, and will most likely shoot VIO an email if no one else in the forum has an answer.


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