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My goals for 2013.

1) Run -38 off. Last year was [email protected] This year so far I'm at [email protected] after 2) 4 pass sets.

2) Attack the wake harder on sky ski. I learned the left flat gainer and right flat back roll last year. Also I want w2w wake roll instead of my 3/4 wake roll or back roll, Right side gainer, then the front roll and wake roll that is the opposite rotation as the current rolls. This will add 3 more inverts to the 3 that I already know.

3) Lift up my skirt, grab my bag, and learn to throw a mobe on the left flat. (Gainer on port side flat where you come in wrapped and unwrap the 360* while inverted, ball & chain) or learn a fung schway (gainer that is not wrapped so when you there the gainer you release one hand and start to rotate while doing the gainer and do a handle pass behind the back all while doing a gainer).
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