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Slalom: - Slalom video before lesson

After a late season visit with Doug @ The Liquid Edge for my first ever slalom lesson (been slaloming since I was about 8 and am now 27) ...

2. Lead with hips (not shoulders)

End Goal: Make it through a slalom course.

Its been a hard process to do "drills" and change things I have been doing for a long time. Right now I am about half and half, but I have a long ways to go. Hopefully can make it back for a lesson earlier this year.


1. Get better riding on my opposite foot
2. Tricks on the flat
3. Do a trick (was working on wake 2 wake 180 but would settle for anything)


1. Not be afraid because of my knee
2. Not hurt my knee

Sorry for the videos being really far away and a long post.
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