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Originally Posted by shocker47 View Post
...........No one is serious yet.
Originally Posted by Jesujoma View Post
Hi Shocker,

I can only make a offer to buy the boat after inspecting the boat in person. Unfortunately I am 12 hours drive away (Ontario) and want to ensure that this boat is as described before commiting an email offer to meet your asking price. Please repond to my request to speak to you via phone, and to make arrangements for a day and a time to inspect your boat. You have my contact info in my last PM.
lol... Shock-her.... I think you're kicking tires here.... Man wants to talk... I mean, how long can it possibly take to hear him out? 5 minutes....?

JJ has a point. I'd not drive across town to look without a warm and familiar feeling, let alone 12 hours...

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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
..Some of you give a whole new meaning to the phrase "another @sshole with a Mastercraft."

RE: Thrall, Welcome to the club....

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