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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
I'm posting this up for a friend or should I say group of friends.

I ski at another private ski club south of me an hour or so and some home owners are looking for a ski tractor. This boat will be used to ski on a private lake so it would need to look nice but does not habe to be flawless.

91-94 MC 190 Must have the 285ho engine and power slot.

'95-97 mc 190 is on the table as well

94-2000 Ski Nautique must have reduction gear with pro boss big boy engine. (Yes I realize that until '97 they were slant back and in '98 the hull got better, then changed again later on)

'97-up BU response or lxi

These guys are very good skiers. One of them runs -39.5

They are let's say large men as well. That is why they need more HP and gear reduction. The color really doesn't matter. These 4 guys just want a good boat under 15k. Perfect pass would be a plus but they are more concerned in getting a boat and then worrying about PP.

Hours are not really that big of a deal. Most of these guys have seen high clocks. Not interested in the 2k hours but prefer something 1k or under.

I have a 97 PS190 with a Corvette LT1 Powerslot in it, that could probably be bought. Its a BEAST!!!!!!!!!!
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