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Flashing "ECU" trouble? 05 245

I purchased a 2005 Maristar 245 with 51 hours about 2 months ago. I test drove the boat the day I purchased it and once a few weeks before and it ran great. When I got it home, it had to sit for 3 weeks due to the weather being cold.

So the first warm day, I took it to the water. When I tried to start it, it would not start and the display started flashing "ECU". I went home, did some research and saw it might be a ground connection, so I cleaned and tightened every wire i could find as well as check every visible fuse. Replaced the safety switch, switched the batteries. I've spent roughly 4 days after work in the boat cleaning connections and double checking things. And right now the dealer says they are 2 months out on taking a look at it.

When I turn the key to on, the gauges make the winding sound, but none display any data. After about 30 seconds the display screen starts flashing "ECU". When I try to start it, it sounds just like the safety lanyard is off (Like no fire). I don't think I hear the fuel pump wind up (hard to tell) but I press the plug on the fuel rails and gas comes out so it seems to be pressurized with fuel. 8.1L Crusader w/ 51 hours. No perfect pass.

I'm starting to really think it may be the MMDC or ECU??? Is their anything that I may have missed?
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