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Originally Posted by jwcrawford81 View Post
Took the boat back to the lake. Now it only revs in neutral to a certain point then acts the same as in drive. Put new gas in with sea foam. I will try to post a video. The fuel pump seems louder than normal. Is it possible the fuel pump is working until it has to pump a lot of fuel at once?
This style of pump doesn't like running out of gas but it's not as sensitive as the in-tank pumps. If you have a primer bulb, connect it at the tank and use it to augment the fuel flow- if it helps, check out the fuel line from the tank to the pump. If you want to be proactive, just replace that section of hose with something that's OK with ethanol. If it works, you know you found it. If not, you know that you're good fro another 20 years.
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