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Bent Shaft and Steering Cable Replacement Cost

MasterCraft X-Star 2000

I took it in to the shop to have a bent shaft fixed and have the steering cables replaced (do to water in the lines). The place I normally take it to quoted me $1200 for parts and labor for the steering cables and $1200 for straightening the shaft. They said they thinking would take upwards of 9 hours of labor for the steering cables alone. They told me that because of how inaccessible the cables are below the deck the labor would add up. Is this true?

$2,400 seems excessive to me. I am taking it to a couple other shops to get hard estimates. The MC dealer in town told me they thought that price of $2400 sounded excessive and another shop told me they thought worst case scenario the steering cable labor would take 4 hours. He said $1,200 is what he would charge for a new shaft. Straightening a shaft might run $100-400.

I would appreciate anyone else's input as to what (ball park) these repairs might run. One of the shops I spoke to gave me a rough estate of $600 for both jobs. The mechanic there use to run a MC authorized service department so I want to trust him.

I am looking more for validation from you all than anything else that the first place was SERIOUSLY trying to rip me off.
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