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How many times is too many with cutting compound and wool pad?

Reading through all these posts, and trying to figureoutif I need to keep buffing with cutting compundor go back to wet sanding. Using a 1200 to. 1500 rpm rotary, and wool pads along with McGuire heavy cutting compund, the highest cut they make, I think it was the105. There was HEAVY oxidation on my green x2 transom. I've done at least 5 to 10 passes with the buffer. It cut almost all the oxidation and is pretty shiny, but had some white haze still. Went to the next step McGuire polish ( think it was the 205), amd at first it appeared to polish real well. However, if you inspect closely, there's still a white sheen. Think I polished two passes. I'm pretty sure I don't need to go on to wax. I'm concerned if I go back to cutting I'll do damage. How man passes is too many? I feel like I'm relatively safe since I never did any wetsanding? I'm assuming it's just taking so many passes, b/c I likely should have wetsanding to start with? What would y'all do next?
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