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Brought the boat home from storage last weekend so I can look at things. I need to take a few photos and post those so you can see my challenges. I removed the center cap covering a blank hole in the dash directly above the steering wheel. Can reach in, but only enough to remove one nut holding the speedo in place. Can't reach the second nut. The tube fits in the center of the bracket holding the speedo in place and I can't get that off. There is only about a 2 to 2 1/2 in hole behind the gauges where all the wires and the speedo tube come through. Not enough space that if I took off the carpeted trim under the console that I could get a it.

Also looked at the back to find the equalizer and that is pretty much sealed off. The battery sits in a tray that I might be able to remove, except the flexible blower tube runs through a hole cut in the tray. The equalizer should be accessible shouldn't it? Is it typically located close to where the hose comes through the boat at the pitot pickup?

Will take photos and post. Thanks again for your help.

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