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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
#3 is the wrong mentality. Cbryan70 is correct. You never really want a flat ski. One edge or the other basically. The angle of attack cross course is more of following the boat and crossing the wake vs going straight across.

Now I know it's cold and busting your a$$ in cold water is not fun, but try being more aggressive behind the boat. More angle so perpendicular to the direction the boat is going. Then roll the ski to the opposite edge after the wake crossing. This will slow you down without having the lean back or tons of slack.

Not bad for the first time out though.
Yeah I am in total agreement with more speed and more aggression - behind boat... I usually ski 34-36... But I was trying to square my shoulders to stern of boat... this action tended to pull me around...and then I keep forgetting to keep rope down...

Okay more perpendicular adding to list... but I do want to try the bindings one notch it 30,32, 34, and 36 and see how it feels... even at high speeds my ski tip seems way high.

Even my X-SL seems to be riding high at tip compared to Marcus Brown and other training vids.

My front binding always seems to be out of water...oh well - work work work...

#1 - losing my stacked position
#2 - I am not keep rope down
#3 - adjusting binding to have ski ride flatter in the water...
#4 - need to keep shoulders in right position..
#5 - more perpendicular to boat
...A bad day water skiing still beats a good day at work...1995 Pro Star 205....
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