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Originally Posted by aquaman View Post
I thought I might be too old to go back to Grad school when i was 30 yrs, so i did a little reading before making my decision. Just a couple of examples from the numerous stories i read.

Ray Kroc was near 60 yrs when he started McDonalds.

Same for Henry Ford.......

They did ok ?

Its never too late to start a new adventure.
Honestly, I think it may be much easier at that time. Generally, you are free of the financial obligation for your children at that time. Hopefully, your financial situation is at least somewhat secure by that point. That leaves you with the ability to go do something different and no one is going to go without food on the table or a roof over their head. I have just a few more years until I get there but it is well within sight. I keep telling myself that it is not that much longer.

Career change at 39 doable? Most certainly. Some/most people use their current job/background/education to springboard into something different. Some go back to school/training for a period to enable a different route. Determine what you want to do. Formulate a plan that gets you there. Decide if that plan is something you can live with. Go for it. Remember the old saying , plans rarely fail...
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