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Originally Posted by jnellie2020 View Post
Thanks for the information.

I am taking out a loan so I will only be buying one. Neither has been advertised so I am basically going to get to pick what one I want before they go on the public market. Sorry for my lack of knowledge but what do you mean 'freeboard to really ballast hard'?

How is yours for surfing? I am assuming that is what you do with all that weight in it. How much should I expect to spend if I go to a big prop?

Has anyone else heard issues with the LT1? I thought I saw some other people with concerns on other threads but never saw any details.
The issue with the LT1 is the aluminum heads and overheating. If the engine somehow was overheated, it is possible to get some hairline cracks in the heads. If it's been taken care of, there isn't really too much to worry about. But if you do buy it, just watch the temp gauge and be aware that it's tempermental in the heat area.

With that said, I love my LT1 (94) and it's been a fantastic engine for me!

I like the black and teal combo personally. Looks a little more timeless and hopefully will clean up.
- Jeff

1994 205, LT1
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