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Originally Posted by jnellie2020 View Post
Thanks for the information.

I am taking out a loan so I will only be buying one. Neither has been advertised so I am basically going to get to pick what one I want before they go on the public market. Sorry for my lack of knowledge but what do you mean 'freeboard to really ballast hard'?

How is yours for surfing? I am assuming that is what you do with all that weight in it. How much should I expect to spend if I go to a big prop?

Has anyone else heard issues with the LT1? I thought I saw some other people with concerns on other threads but never saw any details.
Mine is great for surfing. In fact I have guys with X25's telling me my wave looks like theres. I have tried to surf behind a 205v and that is a joke. The intigrated swim platform helps a ton with surfing on this model maristar. Since it doesn't stick so far out like the teak platforms it doesn't cut off the top of the wave. I surf with about 600 pounds in one side, in only one locker. It does about the same as slamming the boat with thousands of pounds that doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. The wakeboard wake is big but a little rampy (thats where more bow weight comes in handy) I run 1080 pounds in the rear and about 400 up front for boarding.

My prop is the 14x15.5 (correct me if i'm wrong here guys I'm going off the top of my head here) big surf prop for ballast. I have 0 issues launching with that prop and that amount of weight.

Ski's pretty well too.
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