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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
Wow. National martial law or state. And I was a member of the Active duty US Army, the Army reserves and Illinois national guard. On all my uniforms is said US Army on it. Call any of the guys in any of my units non military. See what happens to you. Don't mock soldiers. No matter who calls them to duty. Doesn't change who they are.

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Yeah, 24 years active Army Infantry for myself. Again, who calls up the NG and what role is on the activation order means the world of difference. With your experience clearly you know there is a difference. Yes, it makes a difference in their role based on who activates them.

Who is mocking Soldiers here? I guess you didn't seem my post about how the NG has served greatly in both war zones. Please stop trying to make this personal. Implying threats over the internet, now that is dumb.

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