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Originally Posted by musicmd View Post
Great comments. Finished most of the work this evening and everyone was right on. The hose clamp was, indeed, for the lowest hose on the water circulation pump; I was able to easily reconnect it and tighten it without a problem.

The plug on the starboard side went back in without a problem.

However, the knock sensor did NOT thread in easily. I tried starting it by hand a number of times, only to get about 3/4 of a turn before it stopped and refused to turn any more. I was careful not to cross-thread it and never put a wrench to it. Upon closer inspection, the threads at the end of the knock sensor are mangled, from an earlier cross-threading or drop on the shop floor. I don't think my dealer did this, as there is also a lot of rust.

I decided to replace the part, rather than risk making things worse. I know it is not a cheap part (~$80 on the sites I looked at), but I would rather get a replacement than mess around with this one.

Also, my dealer didn't replace the impeller last Fall when I bought the boat, so that will be done tomorrow or the next day.

The tips and advice on this list were spot on. Thanks - - - it is great to draw upon everyone's experience and share the love of MasterCraft.

I'm really looking forward to getting this boat out on the water in a few weeks. We have had it out a few times just to try the boat out, but we've yet to tow anyone, due to the fact that the boat was bought in October last year when highs were in the 50's. Needless to say, we can hardly wait to get to know this boat this Summer.

More to come.
For future reference- the knock sensor should have red or blue anti-sieze compound on it and once it goes in finger-tight, you only need to go 1 turn farther. The sensor's thread is tapered.
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