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Unhappy Gages not working

This past saturday was the first time on the water with a new to us PS209 and the check engine light comes on, and the battery, fuel, oil, tach with hour display, and speedo have quit working. All was fine for 15 minutes or so, we goosed it got it up to 36 or so and after what might have been a mile the show started. Looked at the gages they were dead, check engine light came on, idled the boat off to the side and shut it off. Restarted it and nothing changed. Popped the engine cover, all the belts and hoses seemed to be in their proper place, very little water in the bilge. We put it on the trailer and drug it home.
So, it's back up to the dealer for them to look at. This is the first time out since I purchased it from them in Feb. Hope it's an easy fix, don't need to start throwing money at some ones old problem. No idea if this fix will be covered by the dealer. Research indicates it may be the MDC box which is 220 some dollars from or someplace like that.

Hey, but on the other side, the boat is awesome. LOTS of room for the kids to get away from each other. Kathy loves it, says this thing is huge (bigger is better....heh heh). Still gonna miss the PS190.
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