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95-96 Maristar Comparison (condition vs. engine option)

I am new to this site but I am in the works of buying a 95 or 96 Maristar 200 vrs from a marina I used to work at. I am looking for some opinions, mainly if the upgrade to the Corvette engine is worth dealing with slighty less of good of condition. I am sorry the pics aren't too great since they are still in storage.

The Black and Teal boat (1996 hull) has the upgraded LT1 Corvette engine option, 327 hours. It has the wood dash. The boat isn't in as good of condition as the Purple one, little bit of dock rash... but it's not in poor condition. It looks like it wasnt always dried out real well, maybe some mildew build up (looks like might come out) and the cup holders are a bit brittle, and the board under the dash is warped a bit. It does have 2 small tears in the back deck. I do like the black and teal colors though.

The Purple boat (1995 hull) has the 275 hp EFI, 357 hours. It has the dark gray dash. This boat is in really good condition. I am just not as big of a fan of the color (dusty in the pic since the cover was taken off earlier for pics), and not sure if the less power is going to be a factor weighted down.

Either boat will be getting an aftermarket sound system, Fly-High Pole and Fat-Sacs, new cover

I guess my big question is... Is the purple boat that is in a bit better condition a better choice than the upgrade in engine with the black and teal boat? Or is the Corvette the engine to have with these boats if putting a lot of weight in them? In a few years I might want to upgrade so resale is also a factor...

I do like the black and teal color better... I don't think hours are much of concern since they are both low. I am going to be using the boat for wakeboarding and surfing (putting a good amount of fat-sac weight in it), tend to have a fair amount of people in it (6 or 8), do a little tubing and wakeboard, cruze on the lake...

Also, what is a fair price for both of these boats in the Midwest (WI)? Nada prices seem low on all different boats I have looked at.

Thank you in advance!
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