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Yea, no problem. It's basically the flare on the Stainless steel lines vs. the standard, coated lines. I think the tee's and fittings are set up for the standard lines. So, when I sinched everything down, most of the connections leaked. So I go around and start cranking on each of the connections. Some quit, but others still leaked.

Finally decided to remove all lines and re-flare everything myself. Definitely looked better and sealed up "a little".....however, when I originally cranked things down, I crushed the fitting from the SS line. So, even with the new flare, it still leaked.

So, I basically wripped everything out (lines included) and re-did everything. Just got standard lines from Autozone that had flares already done. Got new tees and got 90% done yesterday. I'm still waiting for the fittings on the calipers....yes, I crushed 2 or 3 of those too.

Should have those later this week and finally get this thing done! I hate brake fluid!!

On a good note, at least the thermo-plastic didn't leak! So you're good there.
- Jeff

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