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Second prop selection

I couldnt wait any longer. I had to take my 98 Stars and Stripes out today. The boat ramp where I put in at didnt have their docks in yet and after talking to others about loading/unloading without them, I felt confident enough that it was alright. It actually would have been had I not misjudged the depth. Anyways I dinged my prop and need to get it fixed. Its not horrible but it is noticeable. My first question is what, if any damage am I doing to the boat by using it until I get a new one/ get the old one fixed and secondly I figure 2 is one and one is none, so I have decided to buy a second prop as a spare. Is there any reason to buy a second prop that is altered ie: not stock or has anybody tried any others and find that having 2 different type of props is beneficial. Thanks
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