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MCX 350 De-Winterizing help

I bought a 2004 X-10 with 350hp MCX engine last Fall and had it winterized by my local dealer. Yesterday, I pulled it out of its winter resting place and am ready to get out on the water within the next month or so.

I called my dealer to see what needed to be done to "de-winterize" the boat and my salesman described it as a "reconnection of various things, then running the engine to make sure it doesn't overheat." He stated he could do it for $90-100 or I could do it because "it's pretty simple."

He left a bag with three parts attached to the steering wheel (see photo.)

I am fairly handy and expect that I could figure this out with some problem-solving, however, I'm hoping someone on the list will see these three parts and be able to direct me in where to look, what to do, etc.

The hose clamp is pretty straight-forward, I expect. I'll just look for a loose hose and then reattach it to a logical location. Likewise for the brass plug - - - it's location (I'm hoping) should be obvious. I'm curious about the third part however and want to make sure I get things reconnected correctly.

So far, I've just glanced quickly at the engine. I saw a hose with standard "garden hose" types of connectors underneath the engine on the starboard side. I'm assuming I simply reconnect that hose. Then, as I said above, I thought I would find a place for those three parts.

I'm hoping someone could give me a quick step-by-step on this, as it would save me a few minutes of head-scratching. Thanks in advance.
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