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Buffed out the oxidation on the nose today...used 3m rubbing compound and then finesse...not too bad for only a couple hours...tested a spot on the transom and the oxidation and scratches are coming out...hopefully do more this week.

Sanded down and sprayed the winch and installed new strap.

Sanded down pivot tongue and prepared for paint tomorrow. Drilled 2 holes in pivot tongue to install safety cables.

Installed Clarion 6 head unit. Had to make a bracket due to the depth of the head unit coming in contact with the steering cable. Made the bracket out of 3/4 plywood...going to get some vinyl from my interior guy and wrap in black to match dash. Installed usb port in glove box and tested...all is good.

One interesting thing to note...So I was sitting in the boat and listening to the ipod via the terrible speakers I have...I hit the blower switch just to make sure everything was good and when I hit the blower, the stereo seemed to reset and then started to play again.

I have the stereo powered up via ACC1 as I like to make sure the stereo is completely off and not accidently left on some how so it drains the battery. ACC 1 On, Radio second guessing. The blower is on its own switch. No problems when running the bilge manually.

So I am wondering why the blower is affecting the stereo...they do not seem to be on the same circuit...any ideas
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