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A few more things off the checklist today. No pictures, as I kept working non-stop... sorry.

The swim platform is back on, new pitot pickups, connected. Exhaust mounts are installed - I custom cut a 2x4 to cradle the engine end of the mufflers, they had previously just be lying on the hull. I saw a post about how MC used to just put a rag under the mufflers - I can confirm this as I found a very old (and stinky) rag under the floor. This pass will be much better. Electrical conduit is installed front to back run and front to engine runs under the floor - easy to access and up high so they won't be in bilge water.

I also tackled the leaks in my engine- replacing multiple gaskets, raw water to block, water pump, fuel pump. They all needed it, water was always dripping and oil from the fuel pump.

I looked at my fuel system and have a question - the outlet from my tank is 1/4" (ID). I previously had 1/4" line all the way to the pump, or at least I thought.. The pump has a 3/8" barb and everything I see on skidim is 3/8 or bigger. Should i be going with 3/8" from the tank?

Fuel tank is cleaned up, fuel sender replacement is on order- I tried rebuilding the old one, but no success...

I need recommendations for carpet. Any good experiences?
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