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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
I would if I knew... Here's the deal with all of the boats I have messed with of that era.... Fuel line to a fuel filter, filtered fuel to the carb. Never had a water separator on any of the early 80s for me. None of mine came that way... Just a filter canister and two simple lines.

If you are talking about the one and only fuel containment canister on your boat, I can elaborate (fuel filter) but a water separator in between the fuel cell and the carb is not something I am familiar.

Can you post a picture of the scenario?

I am pretty sure we are talking about the same canister. (The one the connects to the gas tank on the port side). There is one hose that goes from the tank to the canister and one that goes from the canister to the fuel pump. I just need to know which one goes on which side of the canister.
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