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Ok, looked at my boat and I don't have that connector under my instrument panel anywhere. The two cruise controls are PP and Zero Off though I just couldn't recall without looking at the boat. I pulled the gauge panel and found the harness that plugs into Zero Off (sorry I thought it was perfect pass outside of the VDIG) Perfect Pass is installed through the VDIG pic below and followed the wires out of the instrument panel and the entire plug/wire cluster from Zero Off enters the gunnel traveling towards back which goes right by the throttle control. I wonder if somehow the connector you are looking for is near the throttle since they are drive by wire... You might pull the switch panel above the throttle control and look in there to see if the connector is there. Sorry I didn't have time to pull that and chase the wires down the gunnel this morning. I can look again if you don't find it on another day when I have more time, possibly tomorrow.
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