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Originally Posted by zsqure View Post
So far it has been OK, nothing to rave about - you know it's back there. I don't get in any hurry, no extra power like a diesel would have. Even some pickups have all horsepower and no torque in the useable range, with a load you would be better off pedaling. We won't see the Q5 diesel here until July or September. The handling with the trailer is better than the single axle of the '88 ps190 this replaced, and this one has brakes which the old one did not. Overall I am comfortable with it. I've had a CDL since they were required so I've been towing large loads for 20 plus years.
What is the tow rating for the little Audi Q5. The Q7 would have been a better tow vehicle.
2003 Prostar 209 MCX
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