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Its been a bit since I have updated my progress, so I figured I would let you know where I was at now.

The recovery went really well. I worked my *** off lifting and running as well as going to PT. I was running by 2 months with the only issues coming that I wore running tights when running outside in the cold to keep the knee from hurting. By 3 months I was doing cutting drills and back to sports type work. I actually passed all the requirements for return to sports by 3 months post surgery (over 92% strength bad leg vs. good leg).

I went ahead and did some hard basketball workouts doing cutting, jumping, and shooting over the next couple weeks, and played for the first time just shy of months after surgery. The knee felt good and I had surprising confidence in it right away. I was incredibly out of basketball shape though, haha.

I played and lifted for a few weeks, and then a couple of weekends ago the knee felt bad after some basketball. It seemed to still be stable, but was slightly swolen and painful. Finally got into the Dr. yesterday and he said the graft still feels really good to him (which was quite a relief, I couldn't start from scratch and work like I did again). I had MRI today, but won't find out what the deal is until my appointment on Friday. The pain is mostly gone, there is just something catching right before my leg gets straight. Could be meniscus or something. As long as its not ACL, I am not too worried about it.

Just want to say thanks again to everyone support on this sight, it helped give me a few pointers and keep motivated. I should be ready at the start of ski season if it ever decides to warm up here in the midwest. I will keep you all posted on what I found out on Friday.
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