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Well Not much more to report got it all put back together and put in the water..Had to fix another leak in the silent master exhaust..Might be looking for a new set of exhaust eventually or just run straight pipe all the way back, only two places to leak with that option, but this should hold for now. Got a little shine on it...Still need to do the bottom of the boat near the back end because the trailer had all those cross beams in the way. Hope I can reach that are from the lift. Overall pretty excited with the results and ready to enjoy the summer and hopefully close the tool box and start a list for next winter..

Have been keeping a eye out for tristars for sale so since the prices are at or below my break even point on this boat I will be keeping it for a few seasons to enjoy my work before I start looking for a upgrade...

Thanks everyone for viewing and suggestions during this process. Honestly never expected to do all this work but you never know what you will find once you start a project like this. But all in all it was pretty rewarding and worth the time and money spent.

Oh yeah the decals I got from BAWS were awesome..Too bad I messed them up on the install and had to resort to the pair I had from ebay...Not as good but I was not about to spend another $200 for new set just to have me mess them up again.. Should have tested with the ebay set first.. Lots of lessons learned along the way..Some more costly than others...
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