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Keep watching the Ebay post here, watching what's for sale on Only Inboards and start checking Craig's list with a search mesh to find all the boats listed in the country. One will pop up believe me.

Early spring is when people that are upgrading from the boat shows are looking to sell their boats instead of trading them in. Or have sat on their boat from the fall to get a better price in the spring. Come May most will have to do something if they're upgrading to a new boat as the ordered boat will have arrived and the dealer will want them to take delivery. Prices will drop as we get into late spring and into June.

There's always a good deal out there you just have to be willing to wait and go to where the deal is. The last three boats I bought were at least four hours away and one was ten. What you pay most times is based on your patience and where you're will to go to get the deal.
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