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thanks, cloaked. That's similar to what I'm thinking. I've been working on electrics since the last post, pulled all of the gauges out and polished the bezels, cleaned them up and they look great. Polished the helm and pulled the fake wood grain - that had always bothered me. Marine plywood for the floor has arrived.

I ran two conduits along the top of the starboard stringers- one along the secondary to the rear and one along the primary to the front engine mounts. This will let me get access to wiring much more easily than before and keep the wiring out of the bottom of the bilge. Ordered primary marine wire from genuinedealz - good pricing, fast service.

The bilge is pretty much done, so plywood cutting soon. I plan to add two wood rails to the inside of the primary stringers at the rear of the boat to provide a strong support for the removable floor panel that covers the prop shaft cavity. The previous floor sat half the primary stringer and had a lot of flex. I'll be stiffening that up in this build.

Docks and boats are starting to come out of hiding - time to prioritize the boat above kids and family : )
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