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Well, my ski comes in on Tuesday. I did, however, get the chance to try one out someone else's modified ski. The water was 68 degrees and the air temp was a windy 73 degrees. I was wearing a full wet suit and was plenty warm. If it was not so windy, I would have been fine with my shorty wet suit. At any rate, I think I did pretty well for my second time in five years. I was able to get up and cut back and forth a little, all with about 10-15 mph winds. While my ride was nothing impressive, I am ready to get on my ski and start learning more. One thing I was glad I got to try out, was the Cinch belt and ankle straps. I will be upgrading mine to this, so thanks JerseyDave for the suggestion. I just recently bought the ballast bags for the wakeboarding, and now I am not sure how much I will even get the ole wakeboard out.

The guy that brought his board was pretty good, doing wake rolls and gainers and just sailing pretty high and far. He was also a good teacher and was part of the reason I was able to progress as much as I did today. This is a fun toy and I can't wait to see how much I will progress by the end of the summer.
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