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2004 TA Trailer has 1 wheel overheating

Leaving the ramp today noticed burning oil smell. Got out and looked I see oild dripping onto the backside of the wheel and brake disc, and its sizzling only a short ways to the storage unit so limped it there slowly.

Parked it and noticed oil level in hub bath is down by half and milky looking. Tell tale sign of water in the hub.

I have only had the boat and trailer a month or so, Not sure how it at works.

Obviously some seal is not holding the water out, but is this the root cause or did i have a stuck brake pad. It did not feel sluggish on the pull...just the sizzling and the smell...since oil hitting the disc was sizzling I am guessing I may want to pull those off and have a look at them.

How likely is it that I have more than one problem?

Is it common for the oil bath hubs to blow a seal and get hot???

How likely is it that the seal is the start of the issues?
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