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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
Those connections are amazing!

I have switched to a plastic tub for running the boat in the driveway. That provides a sufficient water supply.

Once you can keep the engine running and warmed up, I would check for a vacuum leak around the base of the carb. Using a little caution, spray carb cleaner using the provided straw around the base of the carb. If the idle speed up, you found a leak and need to replace the gasket. Remember there are two gaskets on either side of the spacer.

As far as the idle mixture goes, the base setting for the mixture screws is 1.5 turns out from lightly seated. This will make it run reasonably well, though a small adjustment might be made searching for the sweet spot.

The choke should blade should be lightly closed on a cold engine, and should be fully open within a minute of start-up. Power is supplied to the choke housing and will open the choke regardless of whether the engine is running, so pay attention to key position.
Today I finally got her running and warmed up. She does not seem to want to start at a full idle. Around 1000 RPM she seems to start then after a few seconds I can pop her back to center neutral and she idles around 800 rpm. I can not get her to idle any lower, the Idle adjustment screw is not even making contact with the throttle lever. Once she warmed up I did spray some carb cleaner and I had no change in idle. So far so good. I do have issues around 3500 RPM but those are documented in the Engine Drive train section. Just because it makes me happy to hear her idle I have a dumb boring video.

Other than that I replaced the starter solenoid and replaced the broken spring in the throttle lever so it locks into neutral.
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